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Snowball Fight
Contributed by Tifani S.

I have a new game that I made up for my 2nd baby shower. Since I'm due on Christmas day, I thought I would come up with something that had to do with winter / snow. So I came up wth a game I call Snowball Fight.

It is really easy. You take white paper and form them into snowballs, and on one of the sheets of paper somehow inform guests that this paper is the winning sheet (e.g. "You are the winner!").

When it is time for this game dump out all of the snowballs into the middle of the room and tell the guest that they are going to have a snowball fight.

Then tell them that there is one sheet of paper in the pile that indicates who the winner of the game is. But you have to keep thowing the snowballs for one minute first.

Then when the time is up try to find the ball that says you are the winner. The person who finds it gets to pick out a gift.

To make things a little more fun, put messages on other sheets of paper like keep trying, not a winner, or something funny ...

Editor's Note: Please recycle this paper after the shower!


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