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Stuffed Animal Activity
Contributed by Amanda in Redmond, WA

Hi, I had an idea of a great activity for a baby shower that I would like to share. This might work best for the Noah's Ark themed party, but you could adapt it to just about any theme.

We did a similar activity at a friend's bridal shower, though it involved ladies' panties instead of stuffed animals! However, it was a great success and I think this activity would be a lot of fun for a baby shower.

Each guest is requested to bring a small, unwrapped, baby-safe stuffed animal. The stuffed animal would be in addition to their shower gift or card, and you can set a cost limit to $5 or $10, whatever you think would be appropriate for your guests. Alternatively, you could set a size limit, such as "smaller than the baby".

Make sure to encourage the guests to bring something creative or unique. They will have the opportunity to share about the stuffed animal later.

When the guest arrives, they place the stuffed animal in a box, just make sure it is something you can't see into easily. Sometime during the shower, the mother-to-be will reach in and take an animal out one-by-one, then guess who gave it. She keeps guessing who gave the animal until she finds out who did, then that person can share why they gave that gift.

The baby will then have a fun collection of stuffed toys to stimulate their creativity and keep them company! Plus, each toy can remind the mother of the person who gave it, which can be both comforting and supportive. Perhaps they will even remind her of who might be available to baby-sit in the future!

This activity can be easily modified to fit your specific theme. Be creative!

Here are some baby shower theme related examples:

Noah's Ark - Request that each attendee bring an animal for Noah's Ark. Instead of a box, make a paper-mache Ark and place the animals inside. The mother-to-be could reach through the doors to pull out each stuffed animal. Have the mother-to-be guess what the animal is before she takes it out.

Jungle Theme - Request that each attendee bring a jungle animal. Decorate the box with bamboo paper, leaves, vines, etc.

Beach Theme - Request that each attendee bring a sea animal, such as fish, dolphins, seahorses, etc. Decorate your box with fake seaweed and shells, or use a small boat.

Teddy Bear theme - Request that each attendee bring a unique teddy bear. Place the bears in a large toy box or a box covered with teddy bear wrapping paper.

Color theme - Request that attendees bring a stuffed toy of a specific color, like blue or pink. The stuffed toy would not need to be limited to just animals.

Have fun!

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