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My Water Broke!
contributed by K. Lanathoua

You will need to purchase those tiny plastic babies at a party store. You'll need as many as there are guests.

You will need to do the next step at least a full day before the Shower. Place the babies in an ice cube tray, (one per spot) fill with water and freeze.

You will also need to purchase small, clear, plastic cups. The day of the Shower after all of the guests have arrived give each one a frozen, cubed baby in a cup.

The first one who's "Water Breaks" is the winner! I had my guests shout: "My Water Broke!" when they reached that point.

You have the option of putting your own rules in place. For example: They can't take the cube out of the cup. It's actually really funny to see all of the creative ways your guests reach the "Breaking Point"!

If the plastic babies float ... first, half fill the ice trays and place the plastic babies in. Once frozen, add just a tiny amount of water to cover any parts that are exposed and freeze. Later top up completely with more water and freeze again.

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