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Switch Or Keep
contributed by Motherhood

Deal out a deck of cards to the guests. Each guest receives three cards. You might have to deal two decks. Keep two decks of cards for yourself. Yell out the cards. Those with corresponding cards then hand them to the hostess and grab a gift. There should at least be five gifts (non expensive, be creative). This gift can be kept by the recipient or taken by another person playing. The next card is called and the game continues with the gifts being passes around until the last card is called. The gifts are then opened by those who still have one. ENJOY!!!

This game can take awhile to complete, but it is fun none the less. OH, gift idea (Kraft dinner and candles...dinner for two. Dress it up in a fancy bag, add ribbons etc to make it more appealing). You would be amazed at the likelihood that this gift gets passed around many times.

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