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PIN THE PACIFIER ON THE BABY - Have up to six guests try to pin a pacifier on the mouth of a large picture of a baby. (Just like pin the tail on the donkey).


Baby Price is Right, hostess buys small baby items and keeps a list of what each item costs. Then makes a list of each item for every guest without the prices on the guest lists. Guests write what they think each item cost and total all items. Closest one to the correct cost wins.
-- CraftiLadi98


BABY BAG MYSTERY - Take about five baby items and place in a paper bag. Staple the bags shut and number them. Pass out paper and pencil to the guests. Then pass the bags around and have them right down their answers. After all have finished the one who gets the most right wins. Hint: get some easy items like diaper pins, pacifiers, rattles, and a few harder items like bow holders for the babies shoes; a fingernail clippers
-- Eamvn


THE BABY WAS CONCEIVED - This is really not a game it is just pure fun and the guests can get involved. Have one of the hostess write down everything the mother-to-be says when she opens a gift. After all the gifts are opened read aloud and explain that everything she said when she opened the gifts were the things she said the night her baby was conceived. It is hilarious!!! To let the guests be involved and to take away some of the pressures of the hostess let the guests write down what the mother-to-be says when she opens the gift they brought.
-- Eamvn


It sounds icky but its quite funny.
1. Diapers
2. Candybars with nuts and caramel
3. Melt the candybars in the diapers and have the guests guess the candybar name


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