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The Diaper Game
contributed by Melissa P

What you need:

  • A dozen disposable diapers
  • Permanent marker
  • A dozen different candy bars
  • Plastic spoons, paper and pen for each guest

Number the diapers 1 to 12 with the permanent marker. Away from everyone's view (in the kitchen), the hostess puts a different kind of candy bar in each diaper (a piece about half an inch big is enough). She then microwaves each diaper just long enough for the chocolate to melt.

The "dirty" diapers are passed around and guests try to guess what kind of candy bar each diaper contains.

Have your camera ready, because this game makes for some HILARIOUS photos! (People putting "dirty" diapers up to their noses, people tasting the chocolate "poop") and the different varieties of "poop" make people laugh. (Candy bars with nuts, caramel or coconut work very well. Think Mr. Goodbar, Almond Joy, Snickers)



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