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Baby Items Memory
Nursery Rhymes Memory
Toilet Paper Belly
Sweet Word Match
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Don't Say Baby aka Diaper Pin
Super Mommy
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Diaper the Baby
Baby Lullaby Bingo
Baby Names
Candy in a Bottle
Musical Present
Memory Book
Lucky Ducky Prize
Bobbing for Pacifiers
My Water Broke
Closest Birthday
Wright Family Poem

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100+ baby shower games

Winner Takes All by Ms. Kara
Q-tips in a Jar Guess by Diane
Find the Pacifier by Whitney
Creative Group Story by AuthorFirst
Diaper and Dress Baby by Lisa
What's That by brediggity
Guess the White Powder/Dirty Diaper
by Twanna
Baby In The Ice by Fifi
Marshmallow Game by Ms. Lady
Feed the Baby by Tina
Who Gets Mommy? by jwsaa
Pin in Rice Game by Diane D. and jwsaa
Stuffed Animal Activity by Amanda
Diaper Door Prize by Ana Lisa H. and Brittany R.
Pin the Diaper On Daddy by Terri K. and Georgia P.
Stork Tag by Sonji H.
Musical Costumes by Sandy V.
Thank You Game by D.B. and Kristie H.
Diapering the Balloon by Amy W.
Diaper Bag Game by Jennifer M.I.
Sticker On the Forehead by Shauna
Baby Doll Dress by Michelle S.
Baby Name Generator by Andrea M.
Fortune Cookies by Christine
Nursery Song Guessing Game by Melinda
BABY Pictionary by Jamikia
Encouraging Diaper Notes by Valerie
9 Months Number Guess by Daleena Norris
Baby Parts by Venus
Who Knows You the Best by Ina
Pass the Prize by Janet
Baby's Piggy Bank 50/50 Raffle by Julie Jones
Running Charades by Nancy
Facial Traits by Cindy
Let's Make A Deal by Aria J. Thomas
Hanging Baby Clothes by Heather and Denise E.
Unexpectant Guest by Tommie
What's in the Bank? by Caryn
Bath Time by Sarah
Rotating Gift by Stephanie
Pin The Dummy On The Baby by Joanne B.
Be a Good Mommy! by Kris
Get-to-know-eachother by Tulipbeans
"My Water Broke!" by K. Lanathoua
Steal the Pacifier Necklace by Alisha
Mom-to-be Questions by Shauna
Baby's Birth Date 50/50 by Erica
Who Attended My Shower by Faye
Parts of Baby's Body by Lilliana
Question and Answer by Tracy
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Pick a Name Piggybank by Crenarta B.
Other Half by Jennie C.
One-Handed Mommies by Jill S.
Memory: A Different Way by Kes
Pink Bows by Tiffany F.
Lil Artist Nursery Rhyme Game by Linda C.
Baby Poem Game by Dianne T.
Big Underwear by Camille
Wishing Well by Vanessa
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Paper Baby by Shelly and Connie M.
Family Tree Name Game by Sharon P.
Boy or Girl? by Alma
Carrot In a Bottle by Kleeo158
Nursery Rhyme Acting by Tammi S.
Card Game Lotto by Melinda M.
List Of Things In Baby's Room by Moneca
Draw Baby in Turns by ROXY
Diaper Poop Pin by Shelley W.
Baby Food Jars by Melodie L.
Bobbing for Pacifiers by Joanna and Georgia P.
Name That Ultrasound by Ana S.
Don't Say Baby Bracelets anonymous
Next Mom-To-Be by Kim
Baby Box by turtle
Feed The Baby by Lora
Daddy's Turn by Jessica
Pacifier Swing by MARA
Hot Rubber Ducky by Kathy G.
Snowball Fight by Tifani S.
Guessing Wrapped Baby Items by JJH
Celebrity Baby by Jen, Suel, Monique, and Donna J.

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Baby Shower Games

By Sirena Van Schaik

Do you remember the parties you went to when you were a kid?  No one was sitting around discussing politics or the weather, being rather bored by the lack of entertainment.  Instead, all of you were enjoying yourselves by playing a number of games, like pin the tail on the donkey, whack the piñata and countless other ones.  Parties weren’t just about the presents and cake - they were about the fun.

We have found that most grown-up parties have been toned down significantly to be more ‘elegant’ or ‘refined’, people tend to circle a snack table or sit lifelessly around a living room, engaged in small group conversations.  We are not saying that this isn’t a wonderful way to have a party, and there are times when you want a more 'grown up' type of party, but a baby shower is not usually one of those unless perhaps you are doing an evening Couples Shower.

As the saying goes, “Go ahead and get dirty” and have a little fun by introducing some games to your baby shower.  It is amazing how quickly the kid inside - you know the one - will suddenly burst to the front if there are games involved.  We have been at showers where grown women will shout out with glee whenever someone says the word, “Baby,” and quickly snatch a clothespin off another guest’s clothes.  If you are unaware of what game this is, please see the Diaper Pin "BABY" Game (It is common to use diaper pins, but we prefer to use clothes pins so no one will object to having pins and possibly holes put through a nice jacket or shirt).

Games put a little excitement into a baby shower and get the guests interacting; it also sets a more casual mood that will encourage conversation.  There are tons of different games, and they can be tailored to fit just about any party.  It is always surprising how competitive your guests really are until you start playing a game, but it is all in good humor and everyone appreciates the little prize at the end that signifies that they are the winner.

On the planning side, it is important to plan out which games you are going to play before the baby shower, generally at least a few weeks beforehand.  That way you can purchase and gather all the items you will need plus prizes for the winners. 

It may also be helpful to decide on your theme because this could help shape what games you choose. Visit our individual theme plans to find game suggestions for that baby shower theme.

There are various ways to structure baby shower games:

To organize the games, first decide on what games you will be playing.  Look through our classic games pages (in the blue lefthand column) and also the additional great games contributed by our site visitors over the years (in the pink righthand column). 

Once you have decided on your games, you will then need to collect all the materials for them, including the prizes if you have a special prize for each game and not just a generic prize, and then organize them into individual freezer bags. Label the front with the name of the game, how long it will take and the directions for how to play it. If you have a timeline for the day of the shower, mark the time you have scheduled in for that particular game or if it runs the length of the shower.  After you have all the games organized into the bags, you can put them aside in a storage container or a box.

On the day of the party, all you need to do is pull out the games and start having fun.  Also, to be even more organized, we suggest that you use Baby Shower Books, which was contributed by Melissa P (Thanks Melissa P!), which has all the printouts already stapled together in a handy games book.

One last point about baby shower games before you head off in search of the best games for your event…the prizes.  Since you have a long party ahead of you, giving the prizes out at the end of the game can become a little confusing as people place the prize out of the way to start a new game.  Generally, many of the guests will forget their prizes and you will be left with a lot of extra scavenger hunts as you find all the interesting places where people stuck things to keep them out of the way.  Instead of handing each prize out at the end of each game, just mark the winner and the prize and then have them lined up on a small table near the door with the games checklist marking who won what.  Most people will remember what they won and will happily collect the prize as they head out the door.  If they have forgotten what they won, they can quickly check for themselves before leaving.  This way, everyone is sure to bring her prize home, a perfect end to a perfectly fun day.






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