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Rob Your Neighbor
contributed by Melissa P

What you need:

  • Two metal pie pans (or plastic plates)
  • Four dice
  • A big pile of wrapped prizes
  • A timer

This game usually begins very lady-like and ends up somewhat cutthroat, as everyone tends to get a little competitive with all the activity going on and time running out.

Begin by placing everyone's chairs in a circle. Pile the prizes up in the middle of the circle on the floor. Two dice are placed in each pie pan. One pie pan gets passed around the circle clockwise, the other goes counter-clockwise.

As the pie pan reaches each guest, the guest rolls the pair of dice. Every time a 6 is rolled, the guest can take a prize from the pile. If two 6's are rolled, they can take two prizes.

Once all of the prizes are gone out of the center, each time a 6 is rolled, the person who rolled it can steal a prize from anyone else. Things start going really fast around this time, since you have pie pans being passed in both directions (you might roll a 6, and then have another pie pan passed to you from the other direction before you even have a chance to stand up). There are times when you roll a 6 and get up to steal someone's prize, and before you can return to your seat, someone else has rolled a 6 and is stealing your prize away!

Continue "robbing your neighbor" with every 6 rolled until time runs out (however long you decided ahead of time the game would last - 5 or 10 minutes maybe). Then guests unwrap whatever prizes they end up with when time has run out.

One thing we always do is include a roll of toilet paper as one of the prizes. Wrap this one very prettily and the people who helped plan the baby shower get to secretly laugh while everyone fights over this prize - and all the guests get a good laugh too when the toilet paper prize has been opened. There is this sense of anticipation while everyone is finding out just what exactly they have all been fighting over.


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