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Diaper Poop Pin
Contributed by Shelley W. in Hanover Park, IL


  • Small pieces of white material approx 4 x 4 inches to be folded into small diapers,
  • Small safety pins (2 per guest)
  • Mustard or Colored marker

You will need to fold the white pieces of cloth to look like a diaper. You can put one of the safety pins in front to hold the diaper together and one in back to pin to guest. In only one of the diapers, you will squirt a little mustard (or substitute using colored marker) to act as the baby poop, fold back up so that "poop" is not visible.

As guests arrive, pin a small diaper to each of their shirts. Tell them they will be told later what it's about.

At the end of the party ask everyone to remove their diaper and open them up. One person should have a "special surprise" inside, the baby "poop"! That person should get a door prize.

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