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Bobbing for Pacifiers

Contributed by Joanna:
My best friend’s baby shower is coming up and we’re going to get a good game of bobbing for pacifiers going.

Fill a large plastic ice tub with water and pacifiers nipple side down. It’s not as easy at it looks, to get it by the ring with your teeth.

Each person has 30 seconds to get as many pacifiers as they can. The guest with the most pacifiers, wins the game.


Contributed by Georgia P:
This is played just as you would play "bobbing for apples" except you use baby nipples, pacifiers, etc.

For those who never played bobbing for apples, you will need a really large, but fairly shallow tub or bucket and fill it with cold water. Then place the items in water (make sure they will stay afloat).

Have guests kneel around the tub/bucket with their hands behind their backs. They can only pick-up the items with their mouths.

It's pretty funny to see their faces when they go down into the cold water and come back up with nipples or pacifiers in their mouths. Be sure to have a camera ready!

It's also hilarious to see the guys reactions when you say "bobbing for nipples." If they are humorous at all, they will make some pretty crazy comments just like my husband did!


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