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Pin the Diaper On Daddy

Contributed by Terri K:
We played this at one of my couples showers and it was a riot. The host had all of the men get into teams of 2. They were given a paper table cloth and 2 large safety pins and told to make it into a diaper and pin it on the father-to-be.

Then everyone voted on who had done the best and they won a prize. It started out pretty mild but by the end the men where having my husband lay on the floor and lifting his feet like he was a baby.


Contributed by Georgia P:
I did this game with a mixed aged co-ed crowd and it was the best game we had!

The game is played by pairing couples or asking guests to choose a partner to play the game with. Then you provide them with oversized bed sheets or tablecloths and large baby pins. Then the guests must decide who will be the baby and who will be the parent. When you say go, the baby must sit, or lay down and get ready to be diapered. One guest even stood to get "his" diaper put on.

It is hilarious to hear the parent yelling at the baby to lay down or hold your legs up or roll over. The group that finishes first with the diaper not falling off wins the game. Even my 60 year old grandmother participated in this game.

Make sure to have all cameras ready. You wouldn't want to miss the fun.

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