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Mom-to-be Questions (did you know this?)
Contributed by Shauna in Delaware

Think of some really good questions, like: "What was your funniest moment with the mom-to-be?" or "What was one of the mom-to-be's favorite food to eat during her pregnancy?"

Have these questions on pieces of paper. I actually folded the paper with each question and put them in little plastic eggs, then put the eggs in a basket, and had everyone pick one out as I walked around.

This is more of an icebreaker - no real winner, but so much fun - especially depending on the questions!

Some Question Suggestions:
Be careful not to ask questions that may unduly embarrass the guests or host. Ideally you will need to come up with enough questions to have at least one for each guest. However if you have a lot of guests, you might repeat some of the more interesting questions two or three times.

  1. How and when did you first hear that the mom-to-be was expecting?
  2. What was your funniest moment with the mom-to-be?
  3. In what ways has the mom-to-be changed since you first met her?
  4. What was one of the mom-to-be's favorite foods to eat during her pregnancy?
  5. Describe how you first met the mom-to-be? (This will work even for relatives ;-)

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