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Thank You Game

Contributed by D.B.:
Buy 'Thank You' cards in advance for the number of guests you expect at your baby shower.

Collect the envelopes only and have the guests fill in their own name and address on the envelopes. Put the envelopes in a basket and have the mom to be draw one.

The winner gets a prize, but more importantly the mom doesn't have to worry about addresses or thank you cards. It is a big time saver.


Contributed by Kristie H:
This game is fairly simple and is mostly all luck.

Purchase enough 'Thank You' cards for each guest attending the baby shower. When they first arrive is good because it gives them something to do while waiting for everyone else to arrive. Have them put their address on the front of the envelope and then place the Thank You card in a basket out of the way.

When it comes time to opening gifts the mom-to-be's helper takes a Thank You card out of the basket and that's the gift the mom-to-be opens. The helper can also write what gift was given in a corner of the card so that the mom-to-be has easy reference when she writes out her Thankyous.

After all the gifts have been opened, the mom-to-be randomly selects a set amount of Thank You cards out of the basket. A prize is then given to the person who's name is on a selected card.

I've played this game with and without the gift order part. Its fun and easy.

Thanks & Smiles!

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