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Diaper and Dress the Baby Game
Contributed by Lisa

Divide your guests into teams of four.  One team at a time, blind fold each team member and place them in front of a baby doll.

Each guest must dress their baby with a diaper - they must use a wipe to clean the baby’s bottom and put powder on the baby’s bottom, dress the baby doll with a Onesie (every snap must be snapped), then lastly put socks on their baby.

The first guest to correctly dress their baby in each group is the group winner. Play the game as many times as needed, until there at least four final winners to play-off against each other. The first guest to dress their baby correctly wins the baby shower gift. (You could use more or less baby dolls and related items to accommodate your number of guests).

Items Needed:
4 - medium sized baby dolls
Package of Small Diapers
4 - Onesies
4 - Travel size baby powders
4 - Travel size baby wipes
4 - Pairs of socks to fit dolls used
At least 4 Blindfolds - See below

Some guests may not be comfortable with using a shared blindfold for hygiene reasons. For this baby shower challenge game, consider using a fresh, large and folded facial tissue over each guest's eyes, held in place with a length of broad soft ribbon.

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