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Marshmallow Game
Contributed by Ms. Lady

Items Needed:
- Teams of 2
- A lot of Big Marshmallows
- A pair of Chairs
- Index cards with baby related words on them

One team member holds the index cards while the other team member stuffs one marshmallow into his/her mouth (no eating or swallowing allowed!). The team member stuffing marshmallows must then read the word shown on the index card.

Once read, the other team member must repeat back the word. The team member stuffing marshmallows must then add another marshmallow and read off the next baby related word from the index cards.

The partner must then repeat back the word again. The more marshmallows you stuff, the tougher it gets for your partner to understand you. The team is finished when the partner can't correctly repeat back a word.

The team who were able to stuff the most marshmallows wins.

The game could also be extended by having team members reverse roles. The team with the highest combined total of marshmallows wins. Don't forget to get extra marshmallows!

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