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Contributed by brediggity

You start off with plain brown paper bags. Number the bags. Take things that are related to a baby and put one or more items in each bag (either together or seperately, it really doesn’t matter). Keep a list of what items were put in each numbered bag.

Tell everyone to take a bag and then ask the question: "Is it a ... ?"

See who can feel and correctly identify the item(s) in their bag, and they win a prize.

Items to put in the bags might include: A baby comb, a pacifier, a diaper, a baby wipe, a Q-tip, a small baby powder, a small bottle of baby oil. Avoid tubes of cream or any items that might leak and/or get messy if squashed.

To make the game more challenging, consider limiting the total number of guesses by each guest to between one and three.

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