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Who Attended My Shower
contributed by Faye

Print the questions below on pretty baby paper and pass it out for all guests to complete. After the froms have been completed punch holes along the top or side of the paper and get card stock paper to create front and back with ribbon to connect through holes

This will create a keepsake book that makes a cute "time-capsule" treasure of who attended the party. Scrapbook cut outs will make great decorations on front cover and don't forget to write the date of the baby shower.

My Name Is:

How I Met Your Mother:

Date and Place of Birth:


Favorite Movie:

Favorite Books:

My ideal vacation:

I drive a:

My hero is:

The best advice I would give a 20 year old is:

My last meal would be:

My worst habit is:

Behind my back, people say:

Guests at my fantasy dinner party:

I wish I could sing like:

If I had a different job, I'd be:

Favorite city outside of (your city):

I'm happiest when:

Favorite music:

If I could change one thing about myself:

Keep privacy issues and identity fraud in mind when deciding on what questions to include. Perhaps advise guests that, aside from the name, all other questions should be considered optional.

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