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Let's Make A Deal
contributed by Aria J. Thomas

Firstly ... Guests are asked to Not open any prizes that they win while playing the baby shower games because we are going to play Let's Make A Deal at the end (last game) of the baby shower.

The way it works is ... at the end of the shower ... a person that has won a gift is given the option of giving up their current gift to someone else at their table that did not win a gift. For a smaller shower where tables are not really set up, they can give their gift to someone else in the room that has not won a gift.

The person who gives up their gift can then pick another gift from the prize table. They will however run the risk of giving up something good for something ... well, potentially less good. It's like the real Let's Make A Deal game where some gifts are gag gifts. Big bags or boxes do not always contain the best gifts.

The guest who is given a gift can then open their gift to see what they got ... and guest who gave up that gift can see what they gave up for what they then selected from the gift table.

It's a fun game, but there must be some gag gifts. Also, not every guest is going to trade in their prize for another.

We raffled off the left-over prizes to also give guests who did not win or receive a gift, the chance to go home with something.

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