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Hanging Baby Clothes

Contributed by Heather:

Items needed:
Clothes line, clothes pins, cordless telephone (or cell phone), life-like baby doll, clothes basket with baby clothes in it, timer.

How to play:
Each guest will have to hang up the baby clothes on the clothesline while holding the baby doll (just like you would have to hold a real baby) and holding the telephone up to their ear as if they are talking on the phone. The hostess will time each person. If the person drops the baby or the phone, they are out of the game. The person with the fastest time wins the prize.

This game is so hilarious. We played it at my shower and everyone had a blast, including myself. Make sure you get lots of pictures. It is a lot of fun.


Contributed by Denise E:

At my baby shower a couple of years ago, my cousin who was in charge of games had a clothes basket of baby clothes, long string to hang, clothes pins, a cell phone and a doll. The participant had to cradle the baby in one arm, talk on the cell phone and hang as many clothes on a clothes line as they could in 3 minutes.

It was hilarious to watch the younger teenage guests. It was great!

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