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Who Knows You the Best
contributed by Ina

Write down 10 questions (or more) pertaining to Mom to be (for example: her favorite color, what she plans on naming the baby, who she first told she was expecting, what's the baby's due date, etc.). Make copies.

Hand a copy of the question sheet to each guest. Who ever answers the most questions right wins a prize.

Some Question Suggestions:

  • Mom to be's Favorite color?
  • Baby's intended name?
  • Mom to be's eye colour?
  • Who was first told she was expecting?
  • Mom to be's favourite food?
  • How long has she known baby's dad?
  • Mom to be's favourite movie?
  • Where did mom & dad to be first meet?
  • Mom to be's favourite song?
  • What is the baby's due date?
  • Who is the baby's real dad? (... just kidding ;-)

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