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Steal the Pacifier Necklace
contributed by Alisha

You will need:

  • Life Saver lollies
  • Jelly Beans
  • Plenty of thin Ribbon (assorted colors)
  • Hot Glue Gun

Constructing the pacifier:
You take some white lifesavers and hot glue them together in a form of a pacifier ring. Then add (hot glue) a jelly bean to the end for the sucking part of the pacifier. Finally take a length of ribbon and run it through the bottom handle of the pacifier and tie it to make a necklace.

The way you play:
Every baby shower guest gets a necklace. Whoever says "Baby" will have their necklace stolen by another person. But guests will have to be quick because whoever gets to the one who says baby first steals that necklace.

Then at the end of the shower who ever has the most pacifier necklaces on wins a prize.

Make sure you point out to guests and any children that may be present (or that might come across these pacifiers later) that these items are NOT edible!

Another, slightly more complicated option, is to glue the pacifier parts together with icing sugar. This may not be as strong as the hot glue option, however the end result will be completely safe to eat.

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