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Facial Traits
contributed by Cindy

Get a digital photo of the soon to be mom and dad. Blow them up so that each face fits on two thirds of one sheet of paper. Make six or more copies - one of each (mom & dad), for each group.

Also print off some funny clip art with people or things with out any faces. Pass these out to each team. Each team may pick one clip art and begin to put together the baby's face with their parents traits.

Get a 3 ring binder and place the finished items in it when done with info about who made what. Now mom and dad may enjoy for years!

You will need some scissors and craft glue for each group ... and perhaps some spare photo prints of the mom and dad to be.

The photos of mom and dad will work best if they are taken from the same angle or just front on.

For clip art you could get bodies to cut out from Hollywood or fashion magazines. These could be prepared in advance.

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