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Pacifier Swing
contributed by Mara


  • 2 x 24" String or Ribbon
  • 4 Pacifiers (Attach these to each end of the string or ribbon)

You need 4 guests. Make two teams. Each team gets a string with the pacifiers attached to it.

Team partners face each other. One of the partners places the pacifier in their mouth. When they are told to start, they must start swinging their head and their partner must catch the swinging pacifier in their mouth without using their hands.

First team to accomplish this wins.

If you wanted to play this game and involve more guests, you could play it by having 4 teams of 2 playing at once (don't forget to double up on the materials described above).

Also, you could either ask each guest to bring their own pacifier (saves sharing them) or have some boiling water on hand to quickly sterilize the pacifiers in use between rounds. You could then have play-off rounds until there is just one winning pair of guests.

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