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Baby Parts Quiz
contributed by Venus

A simple five minute quiz about the parts of a baby.

  1. Something to keep toys in - Answer: Chest

  2. Part of a wagon - Answer: Tongue

  3. Grown on corn stalk - Answer: Ear

  4. A type of macaroni - Answer: Elbow

  5. A tree on a tropical beach - Answer: Palm

  6. The jagged edge of a saw - Answer: Teeth

  7. What you hit with a hammer - Answer: Nail or Nails

  8. Part of a clock - Answer: Face or Hands

  9. What dogs bury - Answer: Bones

  10. Part of a bed - Answer: Head, Foot or Leg

  11. Branch of a tree - Answer: Limb

  12. Twelve inches - Answer: Foot

  13. The biggest part of a giraffe - Answer: Neck

  14. The edge of a cup or glass - Answer: Lip

  15. Something you can comb or brush - Answer: Hair

  16. Part of a river - Answer: Mouth

  17. What you should keep out of other peoples business - Answer: Nose

  18. A young cow - Answer: Calf

  19. Used on valentines day - Answer: Heart

  20. The other side of front - Answer: Back

  21. Used to hail / hitch a ride - Answer: Thumb

  22. What we think with - Answer: Brain

  23. The opposite of top - Answer: Bottom

  24. A type of watch - Answer: Wrist

  25. A place of worship - Answer: Temple

Give your guests 3 to 5 minutes to complete the quiz.

The guest(s) with the most correct answers win a prize.

See also - Parts of Baby's Body (by Lilliana) a simple quiz.

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