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TV Family Show Children
contributed by LynnMaria

I made this game up for my daughter-in-law's baby shower. Since our family had several baby showers during one year, we were all tired of the same old games. I made a list of TV sitcoms with family themes like Wonder Years, Bewitched, Waltons, Family Ties, the Nanny, Brady Bunch - just a few I listed. Beside the name of the show, I listed the number of children's names needed. At the bottom of the page I wrote all the names of the children characters to choose from. I had the guests play in teams of two or three. Everyone at three showers loved playing this game, it appeals to a wide range of ages since older shows are being shown on cable and more current shows are regular viewing. This game seems to be a great "ice breaker". We made sure that everyone won a prize.

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