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Baby Pins (Clothes Pin Game)
Contributed by 'the' Editor ;-)

The important aspect of this baby shower game is that it can run throughout the entire shower, starting as soon as all the guests have arrived. The rules are flexible and up to the hostess, though should of course be determined prior to the shower, and explained to guests on their arrival.

You will need: Enough clothes pins for each guest to have one and of course a prize for the winner. If you are having less than say, 8 guests, consider giving each guest 2 clothes pins to start the game with.

Once all the guests have arrived ...

  • The hostess gives each guest a clothes pin (or two), which is to be attached in plain view on their clothing.
  • The rules are explained to guests. These are quite flexible, in that you can make them as easy, difficult and/or crazy as you wish. I would recommend a minimum of three rules and a maximum of five. You don't want a single game to end up as the focus of the entire shower. So five rules is enough for people to easily forget a couple.
  • Some example rules are:
    • Don't say "baby" (or some other common word you would expect to hear regularly at a baby shower) - like: pregnant, mother, favor, prize, gift, diaper, cake, cuppa, etc. Or just common words like: this, then, that.
    • Don't do something, like: sit with crossed legs, hold a glass in your left hand or a cup in your right (where it's ok the other way around), don't sit in a chair without a cushion, etc. You'll have fun just making up the rules.
  • The game begins ...
  • Each time a guest is caught breaking a rule, the one who catches them out gets their clothes pin.
  • The person with the most clothes pins attached to them by the end of the baby shower is the winner ... it couldn't be easier ... right?

How to Play:
You might be thinking this is a no-brainer. You just wait for someone to break a rule and then you grab their pin. Well, you could be waiting a while. Because guess what?, they will be waiting for you to do the same thing.

So the strategy here is that of subtle engagement. You take your time and then carefully work a conversation around to the point where the banned word or action is inevitable.

Prize for the Winner:
Depending on how easy or hard you made the game, and keeping in mind that it runs the duration of the entire shower, you could make the prize commensurate with the effort (or maybe not ;-) Prizes are after all rather like an honorary doctorate, they're mostly for show.

Though this game is probably as old as Moses and somewhat of a classic, it can be relied on to rev up a party. With the right challenges / rules this game can be a lot of fun for all.

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