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Baby Price Is Right

Version by CraftiLadi98:
Hostess buys small baby items and keeps a list of what each item costs. Then she makes a list of each item for every guest without the prices on the guest lists. Guests write what they think each item costs and then total all items.

The closest one to the correct cost wins.


Version by Amy L. Baker:
You will need to purchase 5 cheap well-known baby products (Gerber baby food, Desitine, etc.). Everyone will receive a sheet of paper with the listed products that you purchased on it. Then present the baby products by reading a little information about the background of each item. Mix up the prices for the products in a bag and as you draw them out, one at a time, have everyone try to match that price with one of the products. Whoever gets closes to, or correctly matches, all the prices to the baby products WINS!


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