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Celebrity Babies

Version by Jen:

Each guest is given a list of celebrity moms on the left, and a list of names on the right. Match the celebrity mom to the name of her baby/child.

For example: Madonna would by matched to Lourdes, using only the first or first and middle names, etc. The guest who matches the most correctly wins. Names of celebritys' children may be found online via different articles on many websites (see the suggestion at the bottom of this page).


Version by Suel Lopez:
On separate pieces of paper write names of famous moms. (Examples: Hillary Clinton, Florence Henderson, Princess Diana, Mrs. Cunningham - from Happy Days TV show, etc.)

Choose as many participants as you have names and attach a sheet of paper with the name on their backs.

The participants have to guess who they are supposed to be by asking the attendants questions that can be answered only with YES or NO answers. (Example: Am I American? Am I alive?, Am I fictional ?, etc.)The first to guess which famous mom she is wins.


Version by Monique:
All guests have the name of a famous mom taped to their back without them seeing it. Everyone knows which famous mom you are except you.

To figure out who you are, you can ask the other guests questions that can only have a yes or no answer (for example, “Am I an actress?” or “Do I have any children?” or “Have I recently released a CD?”). The last question is usually “Am I (name of celebrity mom)?”

The first person who guesses who they are gets a gift.

You may or may not continue the game and continue giving out gifts to those who guess which celebrity mom they are.


Version by Donna J:
Hollywood moms have lately given their children very peculiar names. I listed the famous couple with the famous named child. For example: Apple - parents Gwenyth Paltrow. Blanket - Micheal Jackson. Seven - Erika Badu ... Look online to get more names.

To easily find the names of celebrities and their children do a search for:
celebrity baby pictures or celebrity children pictures

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