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Draw Baby in Turns
contributed by Roxy

First you pass out a blank piece of card stock / flash card / anything about 3" x 5" and a pen to each guest. It needs be thicker then just regular paper.

Ask everyone to write their name on one side only. Then have them put the paper on top of their head with the name side down.

The hostess then tells them they are now going to draw a baby, but she is going to tell them what to draw.

First she tells them to draw a head and bring your pens back down. Then body, arms, legs and they have to bring their pens down after each body part.

After everyone is done, the drawings are collected and the mother-to-be picks the drawing she likes the best. That person is the winner!

This game had everyone laughing so hard during and after because we passed them all around. Plus it lets the mother get involved in the games too.

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