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Words Of Wisdom
contributed by Jennifer

You'll need to prepare for this puzzle game in advance. For this game guests will be grouped into pairs. If you have 20 guests, make 10 sets of cards. Each set will have 4 to 5 puzzles for each pair of guests to solve.

Think of 4 to 5 different sayings or phrases like: "People who say they sleep like a baby obviously don't have one". Make them vary from short and simple to longer and more complex.

Using index cards (or any card cut into index card sized sections), write out each saying or phrase, one word at a time, with each word on a separate card.

Using the saying: "People who say they sleep like a baby obviously don't have one", you would end up with something like the example below.


As you complete the cards for each saying, mix the cards up and put them into a their own plastic lunch bag or brown paper bag. You may wish to number the sayings (bags) from 1 to 4 (or 5), where 1 is the easiest and the highest number is the hardest.

When you are finished, you will have 4 to 5 baggies of sayings for each participating team.

Have your guests pair up (teams of 2) and hand them their set of puzzle baggies. Allow a specific amount of time (for example, 3 to 5 minutes) to put all the cards into the correct order (without telling guests what the sayings are up front). Each team will have to solve all the puzzles within the allotted time by unscrambling the sayings.

The team with the most completed sayings within the time limit wins (both guests win a small prize).

Be creative with your sayings. Use adages or popular words of wisdom, or even use humor. Use themes around parenthood, motherhood and children/families to stay in character.


If you have a lot of guests, increase the team size to three and reduce the time to complete the challenge. For example, that way you could have 30 guests and still only have to make 10 sets of puzzles.


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