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Advice For The New Mom
contributed by Mary G.

Write the baby's first name down the left margin of a page in capital letters. Copy the page so that each guest has one. Have guests spend 5 minutes or so (depending upon how long the first name is), writing a line of "advice" for the new mom using the letter in the margin as the first letter of their advice.

An example for the name "Gary" might be:

  • Give your baby lots of love every day.
  • Allow yourself some time for hot baths.
  • Rave about your baby to complete strangers.
  • Yelling into a pillow sometimes helps.

Have everyone give their sheets to the mom-to-be. She reads them aloud, without sharing who the author is, and everyone votes on who gave the best advice.

I've done this a few times and it's a really neat way to bring out the best in all your guests - funny and poignant and a loving reminder of a special day!


Advice from A-Z
contributed by Momof3ps

This is more of an advice type of activity for a baby shower. Before the shower, each guest receives a piece of paper with one letter of the alphabet. Pass out the papers until all are passed out. Each guest is to put advice for the Mom-to-be that begins with that letter.

For Example: A - Always tell your baby how much you love them

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