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Question and Answer
contributed by Tracy

Make up a list of questions pertaining to the "blessed event". Have the Mother and Father give answers to each question and then make up 2 or 3 other answers to make it a multiple choice test (each question should have 4 possible answers).

At the shower, pass out the sheet of questions to each guest and have them answer each question. If they get the answer correct (either the Father's or Mother's answer), they get a point and whoever has the most points gets a prize.

Some examples of questions and answers:

  1. When is the baby due?
    (the real date and three others)

  2. What does the Father do for a living?
    (What he actually does and other answers could be: Milkman, Mailman, Meterman, UPS Driver)

  3. When it's time to deliver, when will the mother go to the hospital?
    a.When the water breaks
    b.When the contractions are 5 minutes apart
    c.When she feels the first contraction
    d. 2 weeks before she starts contractions (just playing it safe)

  4. If the father isn't around when the mother goes into labor, how will she get there?
    a. Drive herself
    b. Call a friend
    c. Call the father and wait till he gets there
    d. Doesn't apply - She's already been there for the last two weeks (see question above)

  5. Where was the baby conceived?
    a. Bedroom
    b. Bathroom of Airplane (while on honeymoon)
    c. On the beach
    d. Back seat of car

  6. On what special event was the baby conceived?
    a. Mother's birthday
    b. Father's birthday
    c. Father's promotion
    d. Valentine's Day

These are just some of the many ideas we came up with. Depending on how daring you are and how your guests might react, you can come up with some good questions and answers. Also use your humor as much as possible - It's just as much fun to think up questions and answers as it is for everyone to play it.

This game is also a good game to play for Bridal Showers. Just make up questions regarding the couple.

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