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Special Onesies from Special Friends

Contributed by Koby
If you know the gender of the baby ahead of time, it is very helpful if not essential. Either send a note with the invitation telling guests you will be creating special onesies for the mother to be, or simply tell them that they will be creating something special while at the shower. Buy white onesies of various sizes and dye them several colors, keeping some white. Provide embellishments (i.e. iron-on flowers, cars, etc depending on gender, fabric swatches with small scale graphics, fabric pens) and fabric glue, thread, needles, scissors. I provided iron-on tags that said something like "Made With Love by" and had each person write their name on the tag which was later ironed on each onesie. These can be found at any major fabric store. After they finished their creation, I hung each on a "clothesline" with clothespins for all to see. Even though everyone initially lacked confidence, they were really surprised to see how cute each creation was. Now the mother had great onesies of all different sizes for the baby from each of her very good friends.


Contributed by Laurissa H. and Kjera C.:
Have a few onesies for the guests to write on with advice, a note, etc.
for the expecting mother. She will not love it, it will remind her of her
shower and the guests who came to show their love and support.


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