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Baby Shower Stories

Baby Shower StorkBaby Shower Blessing NEW
Even though I'd been going to my church for a few years, there weren't many people that I knew that well.

My Inaugural Baby Shower
I was eight months pregnant with my first baby, and I wanted everything — everything — to be perfect.

Why Baby Showers are Necessary
When I think of my first baby shower, I remember it being like Christmas morning – only better.

Third Baby Shower and Having Twins
I wondered if it was really appropriate to have a baby shower the third time around.  I still needed baby items, like another high chair and diaper genie, just as I did with my first baby.

Baby Shower in Anse a La Mouche
Inside the music had started. The rhythm, along with the breeze, left a good feeling in the air.

Two Baby Showers in Three Years
In the past three years I have had the blessing of having two pregnancies.

Blessingways for My Second Baby
I didn’t need things but I did miss the excitement and support that I got from having all my friends and loved ones together to celebrate my baby.

Surprise Shower For My Sister
As the crowd of people crammed themselves into the small apartment living room, I cringed inwardly at the lack of space that I had to offer my guests.

Helped Plan My Shower
Since I was going to be a young mom, I had the opportunity to help plan my own baby shower.

Shared Pregnancies with Best Friend
My best friend and I shared pregnancies. Our sons arrived three weeks apart, and might as well have been twins.

Family Baby Shower In the Cabin Built By Grandpa
My family is hilarious.  I cannot think of a time or place that I have laughed harder than at family events.

Fun Co-worker Baby Shower
I’ve been to several baby showers, been thrown a couple, and they were fun, but after having children of my own I decided that my good friend and coworker should have something just a little different.

Distance Baby Shower Between California and Manila
Our long time buddy and grade school classmate, Blessy, has been living in California for more than twelve years now..


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