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How to Make Egg Penguins
& Other Egg Decorations

A step by step guide
By Sirena Van Schaik

Egg penguins (or peguin eggs) are always popular with guests and are perfect for a penguin themed baby shower. With a little creative thinking, you can easily change them to create little mice, lambs or anything else that will go with your theme.

 Completed Egg Penguins and Egg Mice 

Egg penguins are always a favorite for kids and even adults can enjoy these delightful little creatures.


  • Eggs (1 per peguin)
  • Black Olives (whole, 2 per egg)
  • Baby Carrots (1 per egg)
  • Toothpicks

 Ingredients for Egg Penguins 


 Egg Penguin Preparations 

  1. Prepare the Eggs

    • Boil the eggs until they are hard,usually ten minutes on high.
    • Remove eggs from heat, remove the egg shell and set aside to cool.
    • While the eggs are cooling, wash the baby carrots and the olives.

  2. Prepare the Carrots

    • Cut the tip off the end of one carrot. Make sure it is a thin carrot for a more beak-like appearance. Set aside.
    • Cut another carrot lengthwise and then trim until you have the right sized feet that you want.

  3. Prepare the Olives

    Cut one black olive in half-length wise and remove the pip.

  4. Assemble Your Penguin

 Egg Penguins Assembly Step 1 


Step One:

Start with the hard boiled egg.
Place a toothpick into the top of the egg
(the smallest point of the egg).

 Egg Penguins Assembly Step 2 

Step Two:

Place a full sized black olive onto the toothpick
for the penguin's head.

 Egg Penguins Assembly Step 3 

Step Three:

Put a section of toothpick in the beak carrot
and attach to the olive.

 Egg Penguins Assembly Step 4 

Step Four:

Place a section of toothpick on either side of the egg
where you would like the wings to go.

 Egg Penguins Assembly Step 5 

Step Five:

Attach the cut olive halves onto the egg.

 Egg Penguins Assembly Step 6 


 Finished Egg Penguin Assembly 
Step Six:

Place toothpicks in the “feet” and place the egg onto the feet.

Now your egg penguin is ready to delight children and adults alike.

And finaly ... Serve Cold   And that is all it takes to make your own egg penguins.

 Completed Egg Mice 
If you are interested in making Egg Mice ...

  • Start by cutting a hard boiled egg in half.

  • Add two thin slices of radish for the ears.

  • Add a thin slice of olive for the eyes.

  • Add a sliver of carrot for the nose.

  • A long chive will serve for the tail.

Too easy!!

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