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Baby Name Generator
Contributed by Andrea M.

Materials: pens, paper

The object of the game is come up with as many baby names as possible using only the letters found in the mother and father's names. For example:

Mom-to-be's name: Erica Stevens (it's best to use her maiden name to give more variance in letters)

Dad-to-be's name: Robert Lawrence

Possible girls' names: Sara, Eve, Carol, Elaine, Star, etc.
Possible boys' names: Lance, Eric, Walter, Brett, Sven, etc.

Each guest is instructed to write the mother and father's names at the top of their paper and is then given 2-5 minutes to come up with as many names as possible. If the couple already knows the sex of the baby, they should only do names for that sex, otherwise, they can generate names for both sexes. The guest who generates the most names wins.

The baby shower host could have a page prepared (perhaps printed out) with the parents' names at the top. This may help to avoid potentially embarrassing spelling errors.

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