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Wonderful Selection of Baby Shower Favors
Wonderful Selection of
Baby Shower Favors

from beaucoup

Baby Shower Favors
Baby Shower Favors

from favors by Serendipity



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Baby Shower Gifts - Stuffed Animals
Stuffed Animal
Baby Shower Gifts

from Bunny Berry

Baby Shower Gift Baskets
Baby Shower Gift Baskets

Corner Stork Baby Gifts

Cute baby themed Photo Frame Favors - Girl / Pink
Cute baby themed Photo Frame
Favors - Girl / Pink

from Moments of Elegance

Pink Baby Bottle Candle Favors
Pink Baby Bottle Candle Favors

from Moments of Elegance

Cute baby themed Photo Frame Favors - Boy / Blue
Cute baby themed Photo Frame
Favors - Boy / Blue

from Moments of Elegance

Blue Baby Bottle Candle Favors
Blue Baby Bottle Candle Favors

from Moments of Elegance


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She's Ready To Pop
   by Sandi I.

Lifesaver Pacifiers
   by Sandi I.
Tea Bags
   by Sandi I.

Inexpensive Cultural Thank You by Contessa T.
Mint Diapers
   by Lee Ann

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Favors and Prizes

Baby Shower Favor and Prize suggestions

Favors and prizes! Where should you start when it comes to these two essentials of any baby shower? What is important? The theme? The price? What the guests will want? The answers are really hard to come by because, for everyone, there is a different answer.

Theme does not have to be considered when you are picking out prizes and favors but then again it might be.  The best advice is to have about 10 to 25% of your gifts and prizes theme based if you are having a theme.  This keeps the flow of the party running smoothly and also shows the guests that you have planned well.  There are tons of theme based gifts and prizes, and using decorations like stuffed animals as prizes and gifts is a cost effective way to use the theme to your advantage.

Price is always important no matter what type of budget you are looking at.  If you have 10 guests and you spend $20 on each guest for their gift bag that is 200 dollars that you are shelling out for gifts.  There are lots of ways to cut costs when it comes to gift bags, and you can even theme base your gift bags.  Create a Pampering Gift Bag that has bath salts, bead, and hand lotions.  Many of those items can be purchased in large quantities, and then you can separate them into smaller packages for your guest.  Other ideas for gifts can be small figurines, chocolates, fancy wrapped desserts and even bubbles with either a poem or a picture of a baby on them.  Maybe even reproducing the sonogram (a.k.a. Ultrasound) printout and placing that on a bottle of bubbles will create a well thought out prize or party favor for your guests.

If you decide that money is no obstacle, there are a multitude of things that you can do.  For a girls-only baby shower, you could give out gift cards to a bed and bath or a lingerie store.  Include a little card that says, “Baby Making Kit:  go to “lingerie store” purchase bubble bath, scented candles and a sexy camisole.  Use all when you have the time.”  On the other side you put “No Baby Making Kit:  Go to “lingerie store” purchase body lotion, eye mask and the warm raccoon print cotton pyjamas.  Use at night when you curl up with a warm blanket and a good book.”  This is a gift idea for adults only of course, and it is a cute gift to use in a shower where you know that many of the women attending are planning on having children in the near future.  The back of the card is also great for those that are done with having babies and would really like that great book, comfy pj’s and a good night’s sleep.

Knowing what your guests like is also good but it’s not a necessity.  Try to find gifts that reflect both your taste and the tastes of the expectant mother. If she knows about the shower, have her pitch in a few ideas of what she would like but if not, you be the judge for her.  Also, don’t feel like you have to stick with only one kind.  Have a variety by offering a single gift or gift baskets filled with several types of gifts and goodies.

There are many places where you can purchase party favors and prizes so don’t feel limited to where you go or what you select.  Browse online stores, go to a mall or a retail outlet, and also check out dollar stores.  If you are feeling really creative, make them yourself but be careful of your budget.  Sometimes handmade crafts can cost you more than what it would cost to purchase the same items - not always, but managing both your time and money is very important when you make the gifts yourself.

Editor's Note:
DIY Gifts and Party Favors are a great idea if/when you have plenty of time and can get off to an early start. A rule of thumb is that they will generally take up to twice the time that you expected to make them, and will probably come in over budget.

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