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Here are some great articles on specific issues relating to baby showers. Use this information in conjunction with the 8-Step Baby Shower Guide and other sections in the yellow menu area above.

For specific questions visit our Baby Shower Q & A section, where we have answered a host of questions over the years.

The Many Sides of Gifting: Gift Cards, Baby Registries, Wishing Wells, and Money Trees

Although there is no single correct answer, here are some views on the matter.

The Art of Sharing: Co-hosting a Baby Shower
Avoiding the pitfalls for a successful and fun shower.

Baby Shower: Then and Now
A retrospective look back at baby showers over the decades and up to the present.

What to Do When the Unexpected Happens
How to handle the baby shower scheduling if baby arrives early or if mom is unable to attend.

The Eleventh Hour: Quick Last Minute Ideas
Waited until the last minute? That's okay, try these quick tips.





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