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Baby Shower Gift Baskets
Baby Shower Gift Baskets

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Keepsakes, Memory Albums
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Give money designated to start a savings account for the baby. Hopefully this will prompt the parents to start saving early, instead of putting it off for months or even years.
- Kenna H. in Manorville, PA

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Baby Shower Gifts

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Baby Shower Gift Baskets
Baby Shower Gift Baskets

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Baby Shower Gift Ideas


This is the part of a baby shower that I love.  Not just the shopping part of finding the perfect gift but also watching the Mom-to-be slowly opening it.  I love hearing the “oohhs” and “awwws” as she proudly holds up the gift and remarks on how she can use it.  The only thing I don’t like about this part is trying to come up with the perfect gift idea.

It can be pretty difficult when you start trying to figure out the gift.  If you are throwing the baby shower, you might have a bit more insight into what mom wants and needs for the baby, but then again you might not.  Regardless of whether you are the hostess or a guest, you want to find something that no one else would think of bringing.  Not only that, you want it to be something the expectant mom will love.

There are countless gifts that you can purchase for a new baby, and if we listed them all here we would have thousands of pages for you to sift through.  That thought for me is as exciting as a root canal so I won’t put you through that.  Instead I will just give a few ideas, and you can try to figure out what will work best for you.  Don’t forget that we are always open to suggestions so if you don’t see something that you are sure everyone will love, pass it along to us.

Finding the perfect gift can be very easy if the expectant mom has registered at a store.  Many stores offer this service now, and more and more mothers are opting to register.  Before you purchase your gift, find out if she is registered and then pick the gift from there.  Don’t feel like you have to purchase a gift from that store since sleepers are going to be available at many other stores, both online and regular retail, and no one can have too many sleepers.

Speaking of online stores, did you know that you can purchase just about anything from an online store from clothes, to furniture to baby toys.  It is limitless and sometimes you can find many great deals.  Not only that but many major department or specialty stores have online storefronts and some offer discounts if you purchase an item through their online store.  Before committing to a gift, always check to see if you can find the same item for less.  This doesn’t mean that you have to buy the item that costs less, but it does offer you the opportunity to save a few pennies or better yet, add an extra item to your present.

If you aren’t sold on any one object, go with a gift basket.  A great one is to purchase a baby tub and then fill it with all the bath essentials: a rubber ducky, baby soap, shampoo, baby lotion (for after the bath) cloths, hooded towels, etc.  Add a bit of gift basket wrap, a few ribbons and you have a wonderful gift that any new mom would love. If it is a second or third (or higher) pregnancy and the expectant mom doesn’t need too many items, load her up with things to pamper herself such as body lotions, books, treats and anything else she likes.

Lastly, no matter what pregnancy it is, gift cards can be wonderful, especially if the mother to be is travelling in from out of town or if you are unable to attend the shower.  Just send a pretty congratulation card stuffed with a gift card and mom can get exactly what she needs.

Whatever you decide to purchase for mom, make sure you review the returns policy and always include a gift receipt in the card just in case there are warranties or an item needs to be returned for any reason.  If you are worried about having the price show, ask the store if they issue gift receipts where the price does not show.  You will be surprised to find that many stores offer that service.  If they do not offer that option, you may put the receipt in a small sealed envelope labelled with a simple note explaining that this is case she would like to make an exchange or claim a warranty.

Now that we have run through a few tips on finding the perfect shower gift, go out and enjoy your shopping spree!

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