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Sweet Word Match Game


Free baby shower games for your party!

A game that seems to be a hit, particular with sweet tooths, is the word matching game.  Most of these words have to do with the birth and delivery of the baby and the prizes correspond with the words.  Here is a list of the words and the prizes to give with them.

1st Trimester—Soda Crackers

2nd Trimester—Butterfingers

3rd Trimester—GooGoo Bar


New Daddy—Big Hunk

Water Breaking—Gushers (the fruit snack with liquid in the middle)

Hospital Bill—100 Grand

New Baby—Baby Ruth


Dirty Diaper—Raisenettes


Make two cards for each of the words and tape them upside down on the floor of a bulletin board and have a number on the back then have guest take turns picking a number and matching the words.  When they match the words they get the prize that corresponds with the word.


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