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Baby Boy Blue Lollipop Diaper Cake
Baby Boy Blue Lollipop
Diaper Cake

from Corner Stork Baby Gifts

Personalized Pink Poodle Diaper Cake
Personalized Pink Poodle
Diaper Cake

from Corner Stork Baby Gifts


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Baby Boy Blue Diaper Carriage
Baby Boy
Blue Diaper Carriage

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Baby Girl Pink Lollipop Diaper Cake
Baby Girl
Pink Lollipop Diaper Cake

from Corner Stork Baby Gifts

Bear Blue Baby Cake Supreme
Bear Blue Baby Cake Supreme

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Forever Baby Cake - Girl / Pink
Forever Baby Cake - Girl / Pink

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Wedding Anniversary

How to Make a
Motorcycle Diaper Cake

A Cool Variation on a Baby Shower Standard

By Sirena Van Schaik

A few years ago, made a beautiful diaper cake that featured three tiers, plenty of ribbon and a few Baby Shower Motorcycle Cakesdecorative elements and we decided that something so exquisite had to be shared so we offered all of our readers a very helpful how to.

Fortunately, many of our readers were overjoyed with the article and the easy task of creating a beautiful diaper cake for a baby shower.  However, this led to many more questions on how to take the diaper cake from boring to adventurous.

This motorcycle diapercake was donated to a raffle with all proceeds going to Haiti assistance.

UPDATE: The raffle earned an awesome $200, and since this particular raffle was done in Canada, the government there matched it with another $200 for Haiti relief so that makes it $400 total!

Baby shower hostesses, who loved the original design, are often looking for a new way to spice things up and incorporate the diaper cake into any theme.  One of the more popular ways to do this was by creating a motorcycle or a bicycle out of diapers. It’s cute, it’s original and despite the overall look, it really is easy to make.

So after a handful, okay, maybe more than a handful, of emails requesting a how to on making the motorcycle diaper cake, I went into my craft room, opened up the curtains and dusted off the old craft table. Then I pulled out everything that I needed to make a motorcycle diaper cake and through trial and error, have created an easy to follow guide for making your very own diaper cake.


What you need:

  • 70 diapers: Although the newborn diapers are cute, I used the number 2 diaper for 6 kg or 13 pound baby. They may sound large but they are still quite small and you will be providing diapers for the mom-to-be probably when she really needs them.  You know the point where you are sleep deprived and suddenly run out of diapers at 3 in the morning time of new parenthood.  That being said, the smaller the diapers, the more you will need.


  • 3 receiving blankets: Try to get two that match in color and one that is slightly different but still matches your overall color scheme.
  • 2 cloth bibs:  It is important that you just purchase cloth bibs because the plastic lined ones do not hang properly.
  • Linking rings: You only need two or three for this project but I just placed the rest of the rings around the motorcycle and used a few to resemble a key chain.
  • 1-4oz bottle:  Make sure you purchase a bottle that is BPA free and that it is clear and not colored.
  • 1 face cloth:  Again, I purchased a set of 4 baby cloths that I included with the motorcycle diaper cake gift.
  • 1 teddy bear:  You will change the size depending on the size of the bike but you want one that can sit on the back wheel and still reach the handlebars.
  • 1 pair of baby socks:  Another multi-item, I bought a package of three and then just added them to the gift after.  A great idea is to dress up the bear in gloves and socks with the extra pairs that you have.
  • 3 feet of ribbon or cord: I actually used an elastic waistband that I picked up from a fabric store. My first thought was a ribbon but I found the elastic could be used as a tread and it was wide enough to serve as a ribbon.  However, you cab use the ribbon if you prefer.
  • 70 strips of paper:  You will need 70 pieces of paper cut to 1 or 2 inches wide by 7 inches long.
  • Tape:  Regular scotch tape is fine.




Before you plan to make the motorcycle cake, I would recommend reading our article on making a diaper cake, but for those of you who want to get started right away, and I know some of you do, I will take you through the step by step on rolling the diapers in this article as well.


Step One:

After you get all your materials together, it is time to start the first step.  At one time, I used to roll the diapers and tie them with a ribbon, however, I found that that was a bit messy so now I cut individual papers and secure the rolled diapers in a paper ring.  So, with a straight edged cutter, cut out 70 strips of white paper that are 1 inch by 7 inch, for this diaper cake, I used 2-inch papers.  Set the papers to the side.


Step Two:

Place a diaper on a flat surface, usually the table, and roll from the outer flap where it opens towards the middle fold. You want to roll both sides together at once.  Usually, I find that if you have a diaper with a design on one side, it is better to alternate your rolling. So one diaper you roll from the open to the fold and the next you roll from the fold to the opening.  The reason why I do this is it creates a nice pattern when you make the cake and you won’t have to worry about the diapers shifting so your pattern is messed up.  With this cake, the diapers I used didn’t have a picture on the top of the diaper so I simply rolled them all from the opening to the fold.




Step Three:

Once the diaper is rolled, take a strip of paper and wrap it around the circumference of the rolled diaper.  Tape it closed and set the diaper to the side.




Step Four:

Repeat step two and three until you have all 70 diapers rolled.




Step Five:

After all the diapers are rolled, you are going to want to make a cake with the diapers.  To do this, I recommend that you tape the diapers together into a circle since it makes it much easier. Some people can easily create the tier without needing to tape the diapers but I don’t usually have much luck.  Each tier should be 35 diapers, however, if you want to make a smaller bicycle, you can use fewer diapers. The smallest one that I have made is 18 diapers but at that point, you don’t really need the third receiving blanket.




Step Six:

When you have a round tier formed, wrap the ribbon or elastic band around the tier.  You will want it to run around the center of the diapers and it should be tied tightly.  Don’t form a bow with the excess ribbon but instead, tuck it under the knot so you don’t have a noticeable bulge.  Remember this is supposed to look like a tire and it won’t if you have ribbon.




Step Seven:

Repeat five and six and make a second tier. Set one tier aside and start working on the front of the motorcycle.




Step Eight:

Take the receiving blankets and unfold them.  Then refold them in half-length wise.  Again, fold them in half again and then a third and fourth time. You can iron them flat to make them stay together but the end result is a long thin receiving blanket that will be your motorcycle’s chaise and handlebars.




Step Nine:

Feed one receiving blanket through the tier so there is an even amount on both sides. Place the tier on its side so it looks like a wheel with a spoke coming out of each side.




Step Ten:

Fold the receiving blanket ends towards the back of the “wheel” and connect them together with the linking toy.




Step Eleven:

Hook the ends of a bib through the ribbon so that the bib rests on the wheel like a wheel cover.  You only want the clasp of the bib under the ribbon and the rest lying on the outside of the wheel.




Step Twelve:

Repeat steps nine, ten and eleven with the second tier of diapers to create a second “wheel”.




Step Thirteen:

Place a second receiving blanket through the tier so that it resembles the handlebars.




Step Fourteen:

With the bottle, wrap a facecloth around it so only a small section of the bottom is seen. This will be the headlight on your motorcycle.  I secured the facecloth with extra elastic I had and while it isn’t needed, it does make it much easier to work with.  Place the bottle onto the top of the one bib and pull the handlebars up and over the bottle and bib.




Step Fifteen:

Cross the ends of the “handlebar” receiving blanket and then secure them tight against the bottle with a third linking ring.




Step Sixteen:

Place a sock on each of the “handlebar” ends.




Step Seventeen:

Connect the two wheels together by feeding both ends into the linking rings.  It does take a bit of manoeuvring and you may have to tuck excess material into the ribbon but the main point is to have them together without a lot of excess mess.  If there is a lot of mess, don’t worry too much because you can hide it with the teddy bear.




FINAL - Step Eighteen:

Attach the teddy bear with either string or by taping him to the back wheel of the motorcycle.


And there is your very own diaper motorcycle that will impress both the mom to be and the guests at the baby shower! It does seem like a lot of steps but outside of connecting the wheels, it really is an easy little craft project.

Also, feel free to personalize it to your style. For example, if the mom-to-be and dad-to-be are into Harley Davidson motorcycles, then by all means add their logo into one of the elements of the diaper cake.

For diaper cake links, visit our main diaper cake how to page.





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