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Pregnancy, Birth and Newborn Stories

The series of Pregnancy, Birth and Newborn Stories are all 'real-life' experiences written by mothers. While most of these stories are inspirational and informative, some are humorus while others are truly heart-breaking. I strongly advise having someone on hand to hug for after you've read them. A good supply of facial tissues is assumed.

Birth Butterfly

Beautiful Baby Girl
After three miscarriages, I had pretty well given up hope of having children. Jerry, my husband, and I had stopped talking about it.

Once my pregnancy was confirmed, I was suddenly struck with the thought of "what do I do now?"
Contains some reading suggestions.

The Human Pincushion

One thing they neglect to tell you when you begin your prenatal visits is that you will become a human pincushion.

Birth Story of Jake, My First

Five days ago, my due date came and went.  Three days ago was Mother’s Day, which would have been a wonderful day to have a baby.

What I Learned From My First Pregnancy  

Considering that we’re living in this, the information age, I was surprisingly clueless during my first pregnancy.

Amie's Labor and Delivery: A Doula's Story
I had been Amie’s doula (labor assistant) for her first birth two years prior, when she delivered a healthy, 9-pound baby girl named Kiley.

Maya's Birth Story

Though it was long, arduous, and at times I wanted to die and have it over with, Maya was worth every moment of misery that I experienced. I never thought I could love a human being so much. I guess the Magic Mommy Fairy Dust worked!

Birth Story in Asia

I so wanted a normal delivery, since day one that I found out I was pregnant.

Change of Plans: Twins' Birth

My first birth was a glorious, natural birth.  My second birth was a harrowing and mismanaged labor, followed by an emotionally devastating cesarean section.

Newlywed and Suddenly Pregnant
My first pregnancy was everything I had heard it would be - highly emotional, uncomfortable, and a time of indescribable anticipation.

Jakson's Birth Story

I was excited to meet this little person who had been kicking me in the ribs and excited to start my journey as a mother.

Jonah's Birth

I had just woken up from a dream in which I had just found out I was pregnant.

How Tempest Came into the World

I had always wanted to have children, but never imagined I’d be having my first alone in a toolshed.

My Epidural Delivery
In the weeks leading up to the delivery it seemed like I had to go to the washroom every ten minutes.

Our Expanding Family
 (A Twin Birth Story)
As I sit here today I am a mother of four. However, just three years ago I had one child. I think to myself how life changes in a blink of an eye.

A Few Days Early

August was experiencing record highs that year and my swollen pregnant tummy was causing the heat to seem even more stifling that it normally would.

The Pregnancy and Birth of Ishita

Looking back, a lot of the moments are actually frozen in time for me … kind of like when a world event of catastrophic proportions happens and time freezes and everyone knows exactly where they were and what they were doing when it happened. I so clearly remember the days leading up to the discovery of being pregnant.

Painful Yet Funny

She was due on the twenty second of January. But I guess she had other ideas.

Induction Rant
The following is my rant on the prevalence of inductions. It's probably not for the faint of heart and will likely offend some (or many) people.

The 3rd Child ... and the Scare of a Lifetime

Most pregnant women hear the word c-section and tune out the rest. It-won’t-happen-to-me syndrome takes over and then they hear no more. I know, I was one of those women. This is my story and hardships from my caesarian section.

Knocked Up  

Becoming a parent was not in the game plan. I had made it to the ripe old age of 42, feeling perfectly happy with my life as a single woman with none of the traditional encumbrances of husband and children to keep me from spontaneously taking off to a foreign country when the mood struck ... or changing careers for the twentieth time to pursue more interesting paths.

Amazing Grace  

A sad but touching story of Adiana who was in this world just a short time.

Preeclampsia Problems

I am one of the unfortunate women to have had preeclampsia.  But I was very fortunate in the outcome, as both me and my son survived.

Beauty from the Moon

When I got pregnant it was a surprise, it did scare me a lot. I actually panicked and didn't know what to do with the situation. I have to say I was 21 years old when I got pregnant ...

The Near-Perfect Sentimental Parent-to-Grownup-Child Gift
Every parent should consider this idea at the time they have their first child.  With a little short-term planning, every parent can provide their child with a very significant sentimental gift down the road 20 to 30 years later in their child’s life.



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