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Good Hostess Guide to Surviving a Baby Shower

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Wedding Anniversary

Two Weeks Before the Baby Shower

A Baby Shower Timeline to Simplify Your Shower Planning

Right about now, you shouldn’t have much left to do and therefore, hopefully, you won’t be feeling overwhelmed.  I am a strong believer in getting things done early and then just sitting back and relaxing.  Everything should be bought, ordered and arriving so there really isn’t much else to do this week, and much of it will be done on the phone.

Things to do:

Okay, I said not much, but that still means there are a few things.  First, start calling or emailing the few guests that didn’t RSVP.  Sometimes things can be lost in the mail, and you don’t want anyone feeling slighted.  It shouldn’t take too long, especially if you only have a few people to call, and they will appreciate the extra effort that you made.

Confirm the many things that you ordered: the flowers, decorations, tables and food if you hired a caterer.  Make sure the caterer understands the menu so that nothing will be missed.  If you are having the shower at a venue, call to confirm that the reservation still stands.

Put together the favor gift bags and wrap any prizes that you want to wrap.

Go out and purchase your gift for the expectant mom.  You can also add the thank you notes to your gift.

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