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Good Hostess Guide to Surviving a Baby Shower

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Wedding Anniversary

Three Weeks Before the Baby Shower

A Baby Shower Timeline to Simplify Your Shower Planning

Can you believe that the party is only a few weeks away?  Now is the time to start picking up the pace.  At this point, you should have a clear idea of how many guests are coming and if there are any allergies to be concerned about so that you can commit to a final menu.  If you want to order desserts, this is a good week to do so.

Things to do:

Write up a grocery list for your recipes.  Start delegating the food out to anyone who would like to help.  Feeding 30 or more people can be pretty overwhelming so don’t stress about needing help.  If I know women, especially mothers, they love to help out with a special dish.

Finish purchasing the remaining decorations and party supplies.

Create the prep work for the baby shower games.  Some may need things like charts printed out or names written out for baby charades, that sort of thing.  File them into a box in separate sandwich bags to make everything organized and accessible.

Order extra tables and chairs if you will need them.  As an alternative, start asking people, like the parents of the new mom, to donate a few chairs for the event.  They may not be coordinated with the rest of the furniture but no one will mind.  If you mind, purchase some chair covers to hide them.

If you are having a cake, order it now.  Some stores ask you to wait until the week before but generally you should be able to order it now.

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