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before the baby shower:

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Week 1

For the day of the shower,
see step #10 of our

Good Hostess Guide to Surviving a Baby Shower

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Free baby shower
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For a complete planning guide
8 Steps to the Perfect Baby Shower


Questions about Baby Shower Planning Timelines

Please read through the timeline sections in the blue column and then email us if there is an item we have not addressed.

Wedding Anniversary

Seven Weeks Before the Baby Shower

A Baby Shower Timeline to Simplify Your Shower Planning

This is the week I was telling you about, the calm before another flurry of activity, so just sit back and relax. 

Continue to chase down those guest lists and start stocking up on the decorations when you see them.

If you are making your invitations by hand, you will need to work on those, but everything else is securely planned.

Things you need to do:

Finish invitations if you are making them.

If you are having flower arrangements, now would be a good time to start pricing them and finding out how soon you need to order them.  Every flower is slightly different, and the season will also be a deciding factor.  A baby shower during a popular wedding month may need reservations done sooner than at other times of the year.

Look through the guest lists to find any missing information.

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