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Week-by-Week Planning
before the baby shower:

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Week 1

For the day of the shower,
see step #10 of our

Good Hostess Guide to Surviving a Baby Shower

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Free baby shower
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For a complete planning guide
8 Steps to the Perfect Baby Shower


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Wedding Anniversary

Four Weeks Before the Baby Shower

A Baby Shower Timeline to Simplify Your Shower Planning

Hopefully you will start to see those invitations trickling in, and you can begin planning the menu a bit more. 

You will also start to get a firm idea of whether or not you will need to order extra tables and chairs for the guests.

Things to do:

Mark off who is coming and who isn’t as you receive the RSVP’s back.

Start planning the games that you will be playing at the party.  Visit our games pages for some great ideas, and also count up how many prizes you will need and what supplies are necessary to play the game.

Create a shopping list for the last of the decorations, the prizes and the party supplies, such as plates, cups, utensils, game supplies.  You don’t have to rush out and buy them yet, unless you are ordering online, but taking inventory now will help with the waiting.

If you are ordering Mom's gift online, consider going ahead with that purchase either in this week or the next. Although most shops will ship to you within a few days, ordering early will avoid any extra unnecessary shipping charges.

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