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Motorcycle Diaper Cake!

Step by step guide on how to make your very own motorcycle diaper cake.

The Art of Sharing
Co-hosting a baby shower.

Baby Showers - Then and Now
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Baby Shower
Poems & Stories

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Birth and Baby Shower
Stories, Poems, and Traditions

Birth and Baby Stories
Women share their touching stories with us. Add yours!

Baby Shower Poems
Poetry to add to your baby shower invitations or decorations.

Baby Shower Stories
Party stories.

Birth and Baby Poems
A lovely collection of pregnancy, birth, and newborn poetry.

Baby Geneology
Musings at a baby shower of a child's family history.

Multicultural Baby Traditions
International baby customs from around the world.

Birth Letters
Written to one's newborn.



History of Baby Showers

Welcome to where you will find helpful ideas, hundreds of games and themes, and useful baby shower checklists to meet all your party planning needs.

Baby showers can be described as a celebration of new life, family and love.  They bring people together and, no matter how much stress was present beforehand, it seems to evaporate with the introduction of fun games, yummy food, and the topic of babies.  A newborn is a symbol of renewal, love and happiness, and the baby shower is a special opportunity for friends and family to join in on the momentous occasion of welcoming a new life.

The modern baby shower traces back many hundreds of years to when people would bring helpful gifts to new mothers.  Although there was no actual party, it was only a matter of time before these little celebrations evolved into baby showers as we know them today where they are not only a way to welcome the new baby but also a time to celebrate family! 

Traditionally, once the baby had reach a month in age, he or she would be introduced to all the mother’s friends and family.  Generally, this time-honored tradition was linked with a major event such as the baby’s christening. 

As the years went by, women began celebrating their newest bundles of joy even before they were born.  Victorian women in the late 19th century would often host tea parties for the expecting mothers in their lives, and it quickly became a common practice. 

NewbornThe 20th century saw the greatest changes in the baby shower, bringing it from simple tea parties to their modern form.  Although still commonly attended by women only, showers no longer have to be exclusively female.  It is increasingly an acceptable option to invite close male family/friends and children too. In today’s world, there are all sorts of unique families, and for every one of them there is a different ‘right way’ to hold the party -- however the essence is always the same -- a celebration of life, love and family. 

Very few things compare to the excitement of a new child, and the baby shower in many ways mirrors the trials and tribulations that every expecting mother is experiencing.

Here at, we offer practical advice for overcoming the challenges associated with hosting a truly memorable baby shower.  The result for you: a sense of happiness and fulfillment on a job well done, and the big smile on Mom’s face makes the effort very worthwhile.  We can help you plan for questions that may be as simple as drafting up an invitation guest list, planning out the food menu, find the right games, or picking out a theme.  You may also face more complex problems that can arise, such as an unexpectedly early arrival of baby or how to co-host a baby shower. is here for you! If there is something specific that you are still unable to locate, please check the Q&A.

We have been offering advice to our visitors for the past ten years, and like the baby shower journey, we will continue evolving, meeting the needs of our modern visitors.

So curl up in your chair and relax -- the key to hosting a perfect baby shower begins here.

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