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I attended a baby shower where we received a piece of bubble gum and were told to make a baby out of it. Who ever made the best baby won a prize. I did not like this but thought you might like to add it to your list of games. It was funny to see how artistic people were.
-- Deb


What you need:2 bowls,cotton balls,blind fold,tablespoon Fill one bowl with cotton balls. Object: Sit Indian style in the middle of the floor, place blind fold on, hold bowl on top of head without cotton it, place bowl with cotton balls on lap. Using spoon, spoon cotton balls from the bowl on you lap to the bowl you are holding on you head. The person who gets the most cotton balls in the bowl wins. Not as easy as it sounds.
-- Carol Achee Jenkins, Louisiana


Diaper the baby:
This was a blast at my girlfriends baby shower. You will need to gather up about 4 baby dolls a table that seats four and a package of newborn diapers. This is great if there are a lot of mothers at the party. See how well the mothers can diaper the baby. Pair everyone up with a partner, preferably mothers with mothers. Sit them down side by side at a table and have two or three other pairs as well. Tie their inside hands together and set a baby doll and the diaper in front of them. Say GO and the first pair to diaper the baby Wins. YOU CAN ONLY USE YOUR OUTSIDE HANDS. Be prepared to give to gifts away per team. You can play once or play until there are only 2 teams left and have a face off. This was a real hit.
-- Michelle Canton, Ohio


Blankie Memory
Take a baby blanket and pin 10-15 or however many you like to the blanket. Walk around the room for about 1 minute and let everyone try to memorize all the items on the blanket. Fold the blanket up and give all about 5 minutes to guess what was on the blanket. The winner gets the blanket of gifts for the mom.
-- Margaret


This might sound kind of gross but its a really cute and hilarious game. Pick several different types of candy bars for example:( Snickers, PayDay, Reeses Peanut Butter Cup.) and melt them inside a newborn diaper. Then pass around the diapers on a tray and give the guest a time limit to guess what type of candy bar it is. Here's the funny part, to help figure out what type of candy it is they may smell, taste,or feel each one. Its funny to see how many actually will do it. The person with the most guessed correctly will win the prize.
-- Lyn Motz


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