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Make macaroni necklaces for each guest and give them one each. As they get them, the game begins. Tell them after they get their necklaces that the rule of the game is not to say "baby" If they do and someone hears them, the spotter takes their necklaces. The person with the most necklaces wins. End the game after the presents are open or after the cake. I hope you like it.


The game that I am going to tell you about really doesn't have a name, but I sure you can think of a name. First you are going to need oatmeal and baby safety pins(the real small ones). Pour the oatmeal in a cup of some sort and then add about 30 baby pins. The point of the game is to see how many pins you can get out in a minute. You may think that this sounds easy, but trust me it is not. I hope you enjoy this game.
-- Angelica Reyna


I was at a baby shower once and they had the mother- to- be sucking water out of baby bottle and each person there had to guess how many ounces she could drink in 30 seconds. Its pretty funny watching a grown woman trying to get water out of this small bottle nipple.
-- Jennifer


Guess the Baby Food
Remove labels from assorted jars of baby food. Relabel them with A, B, C, etc.....(and make sure you put a small sticker with the correct contents on the bottom). Have guests smell and/or taste each jar and write down their guess on a piece of paper (ex. A = Hawaiian Delight, B = Chicken Rice Dinner, etc.) The person with the most correct wins a prize.
-- Chris R


Unscramble baby words
choose a list of 10 or more baby words such as "bottle" and scramble the letters as shown "etlobt". Time the guests as a group for approximately three minutes. Party member with the most unscrambled wins.
-- CoCo5kids


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