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Baby Clothes Line - Put approx. 10 new baby items on a string, rope, etc. have it hanging in plain view where the shower is going to take place (living room, dining room, etc.) . Don't make anyone aware of its presence and before the games begin take it down and explain that the entire time people were arriving and visiting that there was a line of baby items hanging (name the place where it was hanging). Give the guests three minutes to write down any of the items they may have remembered noticing. Whoever has the most correct wins the prize. The line of baby items goes to the mom-to-be.


How Big Is She Game!
Roll of 'Curly' Paper Ribbon in Pink or Blue Pair Scissors. Have each guest unroll amount of ribbon she thinks will fit around mom's tummy and cut that piece off roll. Closest match wins prize.
-- Carol D


My mom give me my baby shower and she had each guest bring their baby picture and we pined them on a wall so everyone could see it. You then had to match the picture to the person.
-- C Brown


This is nice game to save time and for large number of guests its baby bingo! copy enough bingo cards for each guest to have one, the spaces are blank. Have each guest write in a baby item such as hat blanket diaper etc. one item to each square. Then, as mom to be opens her gifts you mark an x on square if you have that gift down . Set limit of how many bingos during gift opening 5,10 or whatever place prizes in center and winners can chose gifts until all gone. Or once gifts are gone you take from each other until mom to be is done opening all her gifts. We've played his many times and is lots of fun. Also can be played at wedding showers. -- Charlene B


I bought a big baby bottle, it was actually a piggy bank, but I put Q-tips in them and had to quests guess how many were in the bottle. When it was over I gave the bottle to the new mother with all the Q-tips in it. Also it was easy to know how many were in there because the Q-tip box tells you how many there is. In the end the new mother has a place for all her Q-tips that looks cute in the baby's room or she can take all of them out and have a piggy bank for the new baby.
-- Corlina


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